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Save Lives at 120 BPM

CPR for Musicians


CPR training will give you the skills and confidence to act quickly and save a life in the event of an emergency. With summer and festival season around the corner, it’s a great idea to prepare yourself and/or your band members for any incidents that might happen while on the road or during a performance. Learn important skills such as use of the AED, what to do if someone is not breathing and how to treat for shock. Registration space is limited

Lifesaving CPR-A and AED training teaches candidates how to perform CPR, the purpose of an AED, how to use an AED, and choking procedures for adults. Lifesaving CPR-A and AED training is recommended for candidates who are likely to only encounter adult victims.


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About the Lifesaving Society

The Lifesaving Society of Canada is a national volunteer organization and registered charity with thousands of members working to prevent drowning and water-related injuries.  It is a full service provider of programs, products, and services designed to prevent drowning. 

About the Instructor

Ashley Bieniarz is a First Aid, CPR and AED instructor and has been teaching for over 7 years. While completing her Bachelor degree in Music at the University of Manitoba, Ashley worked as a lifeguard, advanced aquatics and first aid instructor. Among first aid, Ashley is also heavily involved in the local music scene as a performing musician and host of local music podcast and CJUM 101.5 FM campus radio show the Winnipeg Music Project.  Ashley is passionate about the local music scene and cares deeply about its musicians and has expanded into providing workshops and training opportunities to improve the quality of life for artists.