top 10 music-makers

Thank you so much for your submission and patience while all the data was compiled! Here are the top submissions for each category. There is so much talent locally grown and nurtured in this community and there are so many types of music-makers that surround us and build up good music. This list is meant to be a reminder that all your hard work is valid and although it can challenging when it comes to creating and showcasing your art, whether you realize or not, people notice your determination and are proud of you.

housepanther | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Bailee Woods of housepanther will be released a split 5 song EP with Montreal based songwriter, Jory Strachan (Wrecker) on February 14, 2019 followed by an eastern Canada tour supporting the release.

housepanther is also very excited to be playing with The Shiverettes (Calgary) and Mulligrub (Winnipeg) at the Cavern on Saturday, April 27, 2019. housepanther is also in the preliminary planning and writing stages for a future EP to hopefully be released later in 2019.

“Her music captures the very specific feeling of experiencing loneliness and heartbreak through the lens of mental illness.”

O.G. Ricky Gee | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018  | Winnipeg Music Project

O.G. Ricky Gee is an 18 year old hip-hop/rap recording artist from Winnipeg and the CEO & founder of Keepin' It O.G. Records. Ricky uses music as a way to cope with problems in life and does it in a positive way to better his life. O.G.'s future plans are to keep pursuing his music and give his story to help the youth of Winnipeg. He will continue to expand his name and record label to give people an opportunity to chase their dreams.

“Find it crazy this young kid makes his own beats that sounds professional”

“I Heard lots of good things and seen lots of videos of him rocking crowds on stages”

“Very original music, never heard anything like it from this city.”

“He killed his last performance. People were jumping and screaming like crazy “

Silence Kit | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Coming off a tour of the prairies opening for Moon Tan in early 2019, Silence Kit played the Manitoba Music Big Fun Showcase on January 25th at the Forks Market before heating up the tents at Festival Du Voyageur on February 23rd. As spring blooms the rock and roll mutts will be touring Alberta and rocking their hometown before summer festival season. Stay up to date with everything Silence Kit by following them on social media or

“… [I] was completely blindsided by their energy and the vocalist's style reminiscent of early riot grrrl groups.”

Natanielle Feliciatas | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Natanielle Felicitas is excited to play at Festival du Voyageur with JP Hoe and Raine Hamilton. In March, her experimental improve group Civvie are performing at Edmonton's Now Hear This Festival. Civvie will also be announcing some things in the late spring Natanielle is currently adding cello to an exciting new album by Cantor Dust, while developing the live show as a duo In her on-going collaboration with bassist/arranger Quintin Bart, they're learning the preludes from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (music written for solo keyboard) with bass as “left hand” and cello as “right hand”.

“Cello superstar Natanielle creates a subtle magic to any recording. Be it with trashers KENMode or the subtle nuances or Raine Hamilton, Natanielle adds a vibe to every recording she's participated in.”

Lloyd Peterson | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

In a career spanning over 25 years, Lloyd Peterson has explored many different roles — producer, songwriter, performer, broadcaster, studio owner, — and many genres of music. It's an ongoing quest to keep the sounds flowing and the artist happy.

He first started making music as lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with The Cheer, an adventurous late-80s Winnipeg power-pop quartet. The band's Bob Rock-produced single "Shot With Our Own Guns" gained them college airplay and a following in Canada's emerging indie music scene, and also got Lloyd hooked on the creative possibilities of the recording studio.

Since then Lloyd has established himself as one of the top producer/engineers in the province, collaborating on projects with a wide variety of artists including The Weakerthans, The Wailin' Jennys, James Keelaghan, Nathan, Big Dave McLean, JP Hoe, Oh My Darling, Los Lobos, and many many more.

“His approach, as a producer, was incredible - he was both very present and very discreet. He allowed the artists and musicians to find their voice, make their way through the process without any pressure, and yet, was steady in making sure they got to the end of the process, to deliver a very fine EP”

Sam Thompson | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Witchpolice Radio is Winnipeg's longest-running music podcast. Its entire archive of episodes from 2012-present is available for free at, along with a large archive of free, independent, Winnipeg music. The podcast, hosted by Winnipeg journalist Sam Thompson, has been selected as Winnipeg's favourite podcast or radio show by readers of The Uniter for three years in a row, and is nominated for a 2019 Canadian podcast award. Witchpolice Radio also airs Sundays at midnight on 101.5 UMFM in Winnipeg and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn and most other podcast platforms.

Sam is amazing. He asks good questions, and follows up with the artists he has had on the show to continue supporting them. He knows good music. Also, he doesn’t fan-girl. I remember when he had me on the show you enjoyed my music but asked me critical questions, which is super important.”

“The busiest podcast host in Winnipeg. (read CANADA!) Sam's a local legend with amazing quick fire questions that always feels like a natural conversation with his guests. He's interesting and well researched and never shy to ask some deeper questions.”

Darlene Mauws | Top 10 Music Maker of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

 In short, Darlene Mauws is a DJ that helps other DJs. As a writer, vlogger, presenter and radio host she has used publications like Disc Jockey News T.V. Digital DJ Tips, The Passionate DJ and now as the host on the CGRadio Podcast; to reach the masses. As she joins the Canadian Electronic Music team (CDNEDM.CA) in 2019 as a contributor, she continues to develop as a teacher, DJ and producer in dance music.

“… She's part of a female generation of DJs worth looking out for...”


The Village Idiots | Top 10 Music Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

They have a web series called Live at The Roslyn where you can watch bands play full sets, from the comfort of your OWN home, on their Facebook page Wednesday’s at 8pm CST. They are also throwing a party at Festival du Voyageur (Bell MTS Rivière Rouge tent) Feb. 21st featuring The JD Edwards Band, The Treble, Mise en Scene and Odder Than The Otters and they look forward to being on the board of directors for this year’s Hoot Owl Festival Aug. 22nd-25th. 

They're all over the place, but what stands out most are their Wednesday, Live at the Roslyn, Facebook live concerts... they're sharing lots of Winnipeg music with the world and doing it with a whole lot of love!”

Bonnie Seidel | Top 10 Music Maker of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Bonnie Seidel can’t remember a time when music wasn’t an important part of her life. She went to her first concert when she was 13, and never wanted to leave. In fact, her favorite meme is “I’m a concertaholic on the road to recovery… Just kidding, I’m on the way to a concert.” Bonnie has been the Music Programs administrator at Manitoba Film and Music for eight years. 

During the day, she works at Manitoba Film and Music so it stands to reason that she likes music. But when she turns up for live shows, you know that she really does love music and the artists that make it. She's another person who works in the shadows but to whom a lot of artists owe thanks for her unwavering support and patience!”

Joey Senft | Top 10 Music- Makers of 2018 | Winnipeg Music Project

Joey Senft very much appreciates the support in this field. As photographers don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Joey continues her work with The Village Idiots and it also putting on a second Local Jukebox show at the Park theatre on May 23rd. This show is a lot of fun for the music community, as tries to bring more genres together. Local bands are going to be covering 3 songs of another local band and vice versa.

Joey gets a high five for the many, many, many, many amazing photos she shares of Winnipeg and Manitoban artists! She's both talented and dedicated. Always ready to help out a starting band. She helps them by capturing the images that help them stand out.”

thank you to this year’s top 10 and here’s to another year of music-making!

Top 10 Winnipeg Music-Makers of 2017

Congratulations to the following local music-makers! The community has recognized all the hard work you've done in the year 2017. Thank you for being apart of the Winnipeg music-making scene and keep up the great work because people are noticing!