Justin Aron & DirtyPool

The thirty-third episode of the Winnipeg Music Project with Justin Aron from Justin Aron & Dirty Pool! We talk about their much anticipated new album and share some of their newest songs! Oh, btw, this is blues music. Not jazz. They are not the same thing.Also, here is a video interview Justin did with Canadian Beats promoting his music!

I also found this adorable short video of Justin talking about him and his music. This video perfectly depicts how wonderful and genuine he is. I loved talking with him so much. He called me the boss which is very accurate. And got him on my good side forever.

Since this interview, they've announced their official release show! Here is the event page!

Set List:

Justin Aron & DirtyPool "Juke Joint" from Juke Joint

Justin Aron & DirtyPool "Lordy Lord" 

Justin Aron & DirtyPool "Shakedown"

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