Josh and Josh from June Killing Stones

The twenty-sixth episode of the Winnipeg Music Project with Josh and Josh from the indie rock band June Killing Stones. This was a crazy fun and exciting interview with lots of tangents and goofy conversations. We had a lot of fun talking about they're recently release EP "Little Portents". 

Because the extended version is so much longer than the broadcasted version, I've included the links to both. The extended version is pretty hilarious though, Josh the drummer took over asking ridiculous and hilarious questions. You need to listen!

Extended Version:

Set List:

June Killing Stones "I fell down" from Little Portents

June Killing Stones "Coup de Grace" from Little Portents

June Killing Stones "To Be Loved" from Little Portents

(EXTENDED ONLY) June Killing Stones "All is well" from Little Portents