Dominique from A La Mode

This is the 31st episode of the Winnipeg Music Project with my new best friend Dominque Lemoine from A La Mode. I'm serious, we're probably the same person. Just kidding but I feel like we got along really well. It's super awkward if she didn't think we did. We did accidentally confess our love for our each other towards the end of the interview, which if that doesn't show our immediate bonding, I don't know what does. Anyway, we talked about the new release of their first full length album "Perfection Salad" and the new band members and how that's affecting the band vibe. We also talked a little about grant writing and our feelings. Listen to it!

Set List:

A La Mode "Total Doom" from Perfection Salad

A La Mode "Dreamy Day in July" from Perfection Salad

A La Mode "C'est Sentiment" from Perfection Salad

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