Pup-stock Music Festival

Ryan Sorensen and Simon King from Disraeli Dreamers joined Josh Kostelnyk from Little Black Lungs to talk about and promote the upcoming and highly anticipated Pup-Stock Music Festival.

The Pup-Stock Festival is coming to Winnipeg on Saturday, June 24th in support of Manitoba Mutts. The concert will feature 7 live and local bands. The fun begins at 5 pm with a new band on every 45 minutes, so make sure to come down early so you catch them all!

Set List:

Little Black Lungs "Down" from So Long to the Rat Race

Disraeli Dreamers "So Long Ago" from The Lucid EP

Disraeli Dreamers "What You Get" LIVE

Bartley Knives "Two Ships" from For The Birds

Red Seed "Are You Ready?"