Elise Roller from Solhounds

They call themselves heavy-metal grunge, only because there is no other way to describe their gritty, gut-ripping, brand of stoner rock. The combatant energy this band radiates on stage is one you can’t dismiss. You’ll drop your phone, dig into the old, angsty feelings you thought you left behind, raise your devil horns, and head bang at all things corporate, and unjust. Join the movement that Solhounds represents. one of equality and empowerment. one where a five-foot-three-inch woman could stone a giant with the martial punch of her guttural, spitfire vocals. Sung with her whole body, Elise Roller delivers songs of the underestimated and the under-appreciated. 

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode.

The set list originally featured in this episode:

Solhounds “Body Bandit“ single

Go For The Eyes “The Birds & The Bees“

Solhounds “I Taught Him“ single

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Ashley Bieniarz with Elise Roller from Solhounds

Ashley Bieniarz with Elise Roller from Solhounds

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