Jacob Brodovsky

Jacob Brodovsky is a singer-songwriter patently from Winnipeg, Canada. Jacob transforms stories of mundane people and places into emotional, driving tunes with straightforward yet smart lyricism. He falls into the beloved line of uniquely Winnipeg folk-based, talk-singing, moody-Manitobans. His memorable melodies and emotive tunes are toe-tapping enough to be enjoyed at face value, though, it is difficult not to divulge in the quarter life crisis of a 26-year-old with a knack for making you feel the most subdued of feelings.

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode.

The set list originally featured in this episode:

Jacob Brodovsky “Bachelor Suite“ from Sixteen Years

Jacob Brodovsky “Sev“ from Sixteen Years

Jacob Brodovsky “El Nino ft. Sierra Noble“ from Sixteen Years

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Music by Will and Art from Collector Studio (https://www.collectorstudio.net)

Transition contributed by Tristan Zaba from ZABA (http://tristanzaba.com/)

Ashley Bieniarz with Jacob Brodovsky

Ashley Bieniarz with Jacob Brodovsky

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