About the show

A Winnipeg-based music podcast and UMFM radio show created and hosted by Ashley Bieniarz since 2015. Each episode features interviews with emerging or established local music-makers to connect fans or influence other musicians who are thinking of starting a performing career. Through stories of song writing, album releases and tours from around the world, listen to the unique journeys of local artists who love what they do.

You can listen to the show at www.winnipegmusicproject.com, every Tuesday at 2:00 pm on 101.5 UMFM or on your favourite streaming service (coming soon).

The Winnipeg Music Project branched out into planning live events in 2019 hosting live audience interviews, Songwriting circles featuring local established songwriters and CPR classes for musicians.


About the host

Winnipeg Music Project Host in the UMFM Broadcasting station. Photo Credit: Cliff Mckay

Winnipeg Music Project Host in the UMFM Broadcasting station. Photo Credit: Cliff Mckay

Ashley Bieniarz is the host of the UMFM radio show Winnipeg Music Project and has over 4 years of experience focusing on spotlighting local music-makers. Ashley works at Manitoba Music as the administrative assistant and performs as an avant-pop solo musician. She believes that campus radio is an integral part of the DIY/indie musician trajectory and is passionate about developing the relationship between the two. As a result of her position at UMFM, Ashley has landed opportunities such as joining the juries for Polaris Music Prize, FACTOR, and the Western Canada Music Awards and has spoken on a panel at the inaugural Manitoba Podcast Festival. In 2019, Ashley began developing local events for musicians such as Meet Your Music-Maker, a live-audience interview and musical performance, and a monthly Songwriter's Group (featuring mentors from acts such as Fred Penner, Royal Canoe, Mobina Galore, Sebastian Gaskin, among others.) Ashley holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Piano from the University of Manitoba.


The Winnipeg Music Project's primary goal is to promote local music-makers. The vast majority of the music played on the radio show and podcast is posted with permission (by the artists themselves or representatives). Each post will remain available for free unless the owners of the music used in that episode ask to have their song removed. As of June 2019, the show is available on streaming platforms (such as Spotify) and the Winnipeg Music Project team is working hard to remove all pre-recorded music from the podcast. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please use the contact form here.