Rylie Saunders (The Village Idiots) - Live at the Roslyn

Rylie (from The Village Idiots) comes on the show to gush about the local music scene and the much anticipated LIVE at The Roslyn Season 2 beginning November 1. This interview is hilarious and so passionate about the local music scene. You NEED TO LISTEN if you have ears!

Set List: (And Live Show Date!)

Nov 1 - Sweet Alibi "Middle Ground" from Walking In The Dark | WEBSITE

Nov 8 - The Bloody Historians "Militant Man" | BANDCAMP

Nov 15 - Bullrider "Curious" from Bullrider | FACEBOOK

Nov 22 - Roman Clarke "Waiting" from Waiting | WEBSITE

Nov 29 - Jeremie and the Delicious Hounds "Back On My Roll" from Jeremie and the Delicious Hounds EP | BANDCAMP

Dec 6 - Deep Dark Cave "Higher" | BANDCAMP

Dec 13 - Jason Kirkness "Whiskey Kiss" from Whiskey Kiss | WEBSITE

Dec 20 - Sons of York "Every Other Weekend" | BANDCAMP


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