Lana Winterhalt

Lana Winterhalt is a songwriter born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been performing for over 15 years, focusing on her own music in the last 8 of those. Her sound and lyrics are influenced by junky breakups, insomnia, and true love, all wrapped up into simple guitar and haunting harmonies in an attempt to make you feel sparkly and weightless. She has 3 EP's under her belt, with her full studio album set for release October 12, 2018. The new album is a combination of organic and electronic sounds with stuck-in-your-head melodies and dreamy soundscapes that will keep you humming all week.

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode.

The set list originally featured in this episode:

Lana Winterhalt “Rich White Kids“ from Return to Sender

Lana Winterhalt “Maybe I’m Just Tired“ from Return to Sender

Lana Winterhalt “Dream“ from Return to Sender

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Ashley Bieniarz with Lana Winterhalt

Ashley Bieniarz with Lana Winterhalt

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