Mitten Claps

Percussive familial pop.

Mitten Claps is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and consists of brothers Jonathan and Randall Hildebrand. The duo's music is at turns energetic and sparse, spastic and delicate, showcasing intricate guitars and melodic vocals interwoven with unpredictable rhythms.

In 2009, both brothers were musically on their own, after each having played in different previous bands. After aimlessly rehearsing and writing together while hoping for a new band to materialize, they decided it was already fully-formed at two members, and started writing and performing as Mitten Claps.   

Episode 93

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode.

The set list originally featured in this episode:

Mitten Claps “Can’t Not“ from Can’t Not

Mitten Claps “Absolutes“ from Can’t Not

Mitten Claps “Opinion Crush“ from Can’t Not

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Ashley Bieniarz with Jonathan from Mitten Claps

Ashley Bieniarz with Jonathan from Mitten Claps

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