Rhianna Rae Saj

Rhianna Rae Saj released her debut album "Begin Again" shortly after NYE, but is no stranger to writing music and performing. Saj started making the reoccurring trip down to Tennessee in 2014 and began building her catalogue of songs, which resulted in her signing a synch-licensing deal with Indie Orange, based out of Nashville & Los Angeles. However, she was told her original songs were too slow, sad and not a great fit for radio — and she was subsequently pushed in a direction she didn’t want to go in until she decided it wasn’t for her. She took a four-year hiatus from writing original music and waited until she was emotionally in a place where she felt it was right to go back into the studio to record. Timing the release of the album so soon after the new year makes sense; For Saj, creating Begin Again was a process of learning to fall back in love with what she’s always done through her lyrics: tell stories. Her knack for blending her silky falsetto and country/folk strings with endearing stories about ghosts, monsters and gin comes through in this insightful album.

Set List:

Rhianna Ray Saj “Monster“ from Begin Again

Rhianna Ray Saj “Hyde“ from Begin Again

Rhianna Ray Saj “The Ghost Story“ from Begin Again

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