Veneer (ft. Special Guest Host: Graeme Houssin)

Veneer’s enchanting trifecta of sentimental souls create a universe of music that is soft, strong, and blatantly vulnerable. This multi-instrumental gaggle of creators is not your typical three-piece; accompanied by brass and woodwind instrumentals, and wielding six instruments in total, Veneer’s enticing harmonies and haunting hooks will have their tunes stuck in your head for days.

Special Guest Host: Graeme Houssin/Contessa Lestrange

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode.

The set list originally featured in this episode:

Veneer “Unsure” from the self-titled EP.

Veneer “Don’t Get My Hair Wet" from the self-titled EP.

Veneer “Bianca Casual” from the self-titled EP.

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Thank you to UMFM 101.5FM. Music by Will and Art from Collector Studio.

Transition contributed by Noah Derksen.

Winnipeg Music Project | Veneer with Ashley Bieniarz and Graeme Houssin

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