Zrada’s sound originates equal parts in the fog-shrouded valleys of the Carpathians and the sweaty mosh-pits of Anthrax shows; however their music is mysterious and primal in a unique way. A folk-punk tour-de-force, their subversion of Eastern-European musical traditions, enigmatic imagery and raucous live shows are pushing Zrada to craft some of the most forward-thinking and captivating world music in Canada today. Based in Winnipeg since 2005, Zrada has been experimenting with the soundscapes of their ancestral Ukraine for over a decade. Striking vocal harmonies, powerful trumpet and violin melodies combine with jazz infused rhythms to create a wild and joyous dance floor experience.

All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode. 

The set list originally featured in this episode is:

Zrada “The Black Mountain“ from Legend

Zrada “The Scythe“ from Legend

Zrada “Fog“ from Legend

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Thank you to UMFM 101.5FM. Music by Will and Art from Collector Studio.

Transition contributed by Selci.

Ashley Bieniarz with Andriy from Zrada

Ashley Bieniarz with Andriy from Zrada

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