AC Breeze

AC Breeze is a Winnipeg-based musician and storyteller on a constant grind to bring deliciously marinated music to your ears. Raised in Steinbach, Manitoba but born in the Philippines, AC Breeze often expresses storytelling through a wide range of genre and melody.


All pre-recorded music has been removed from this episode. 

The set list originally featured in this episode is:

AC Breeze “Blink of an Eye“ Single

AC Breeze “Blue is my Favourite Color“ from The Leaves Fall With The Tears

AC Breeze “Three Letters” from Codename Breeze

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Thank you to UMFM 101.5FM. Music by Will and Art from Collector Studio.

Transition contributed by Selci.

Ashley Bieniarz with AC Breeze

Ashley Bieniarz with AC Breeze

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